Students are game for a challenge

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Students were happy to take on the challenge when they were welcomed back to take part in a sporting event again today (Tuesday) in Nottingham.

Sutherland House School was initially invited in October to take part in a multi-sporting event organised by Nottingham City Council for Key Stage 3 students at Bilborough. Back then Ethan, Lewis, Jake, Mylo and Theo represented the school and played students from other schools. (For the full story about how they got on, read on here.)

This week students were asked if they would like to take part again in the game of dodgeball. This is a fast-paced game with students throwing the ball at an opposing team attempting to hit them, catch the ball and therefore scoring points. The rules for this inclusive tournament are slightly different with no one being knocked out of the game.


Today it was the turn of Cody, Tom, Harvey, Emelie and Haydon to represent the school in a Key Stage 4 Dodgeball event. Organised by Nottingham City Council, the event took place at Harvey Haddon Sports Centre in Bilborough.

The students played students from other schools such as Nethergate, Derrymount, Bramcote and Oakfield. Overall Sutherland House School won 4, drew 2 and lost 2 games.

'An absolute brilliant effort was displayed by all,' said Richard Gennard, Active Living Teacher.

'The staff that supported the students are very proud of their efforts. The next sporting tournament is a Key Stage 3 and 4 Handball in 2024 so it is hoped the same students and hopefully some new additions to the team can participate and play competitively against other schools.'

* Pictured above are: Harvey Gunn, Haydon Lee-Jordan, Cody Alfred, and Thomas Morley in their team colours.

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