Student health & wellbeing

Addressing the health and emotional wellbeing of all students is a key focus for us.

Sutherland House School pupil enjoying bubbles

Meal time and healthy diet

Lunchtimes are an opportunity for students to develop social skills and broaden their dietary experience. We believe that meal times assist in promoting independence and choice making skills.

The food is prepared onsite and the students individual dietary requirements are catered for.


Exercise is very beneficial for our students to moderate their sensory levels and aid them in accessing their learning. Many classes start the morning with a ‘wake and shake’, to this affect. Group PE, sensory activities and interaction sessions take place in the well equipped gym and purpose built outside play areas. Students also have the opportunity to go swimming on a regular basis.

Students have access to sensory circuits and personalised sensory diets to help them self regulate within any learning environment in school, supported by class staff.

Pastoral support

Our PHSE curriculum helps to support all round development, promote independence and increase self help skills. Individual tutorials give students the opportunity to share their special interests, focus on developing independence and social skills in a safe environment. These sessions also allow students to work on aspects of their developments highlighted by either school, parents or outside agencies

Emotional wellbeing

Addressing the emotional wellbeing of all students is the key focus of our school’s approach to support development and learning. This is fostered in a variety of ways, including:

  • Person centred approaches
  • Individual autism profiles
  • Personalised tutorial time

Our core components include facilitating emotional resilience, supporting students to understand and manage their sensory processing needs and emotional regulation, in order to support their readiness for learning and independence.