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Dodgeball, handball and kurling were just some of the activities that took place during a multi-sports event in Bilborough this week.

Sutherland House School students took part in the Key Stage 4 event organised by Notts Active.

Teams of five players took part in the fast-paced game of dodgeball; an activity where each team player throws the ball at an opposing team in an attempt to hit them and thus score points.

Sutherland House played Westbury school scoring 17 points, Brackenhill scored 9 points and Woodlands scored 4 points.


Students also took part in kurling which involves aiming a handheld disc on three steel wheels at the target. The rules of the game are to get the disc as close to the target as possible. You are allowed to knock the other team’s disc out of the way if you can hit it!

Each game consists of two players throwing two discs each, waiting in turn for the other team to throw their discs. After the game is finished the students sit down and two new students take their place, thus the game and players are constantly rotating with no one sitting out of action for long periods of time.

Sutherland House played Brackenhill winning 7-4 and played Woodlands narrowly losing by just 5-6.


They also took part in handball, a fast-paced non-contact game where the team who score the most goals win the game. You are not allowed to run with the ball, but you can pass or shoot, like netball. You are not allowed to score in the goalkeeper’s area or in your own half. There were no throw-ins or corners.

The goals are of a considerable size, therefore the goalkeepers have a difficult task in saving the ball. The ball can be held in one hand and is made from soft rubber type material.

Sutherland House played Westbury winning 6-4 and played Brackenhill losing 4-7.

Teacher Richard Gennard said: "This was the first time most of the students had played at a multi-sports event and they enjoyed it. The students represented the school in a very positive manner, displayed great teamwork and played the game fairly and to the rules."

* Well done to all the students who represented Sutherland House School for this tournament - Harvey Gunn, Dawid Mazurek, Cody Scott, Thomas Morley and Ethan Barnes.

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