Youngsters introduced to exotic animals

Zoolab visit b

Pupils got the chance to see exotic animals at first hand when Zoolab rangers came into Sutherland House School.

The animal company introduced the youngsters to a range of different animals including a large snail, snake, and cockroach among many more unusual creatures.

The presenting team adapted a workshop session at the school to suit the age and ability of the audience and gave the youngsters the chance to get up close with animals that they may not normally get to see. Some admired the animals from afar, whilst others found the confidence to hold the creatures and learn more about them.

Zoolab use active learning, visuals, and sounds to enhance workshops and provide hands-on, practical learning experience to engage youngsters. It gives those taking part the chance to make sense of the world around them and learn more about nature.

Zoolab visit a
Zoolab visit c
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