Staff inspire students during National Careers Week

Teachers and staff at Sutherland House School have been sharing their stories about their own career journeys as part of National Careers Week (6-11 March).

A full-programme of activities was added to the school timetable this week, with students learning more about careers and exploring their options.

Students, Tom Morley and Levi Beswick took on new roles as Careers Week Champions. While Tom has been collecting stories about staff career journeys, Levi has been organising a curriculum theme day, which will take place later in the spring.

Others have been learning about the wide variety of jobs that people do, through watching a series of short animated videos. Meanwhile, in English classes, students have been studying the spoken word poem 'Believe.'

The theme for the week has been 'Together' and throughout the week students have been focusing on the fact that there are no time limits on learning and that everyone can work and learn together. The key message is that everyone learns throughout their lives.

Teachers and staff have been sharing their experiences, from talking about their very first jobs to how they reached their current role. They've talked about what has inspired them to what advice they would share.

The aim has been to help students understand how to fulfill their goals and how to focus on what they need to do now.

Deputy head teacher, Suzannah Diamantis shared with students her story, talking about her career and the skills she needed for her current role.

Suzannah shares her career journey

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