Sutherland House School handball tournament

Six students represented Sutherland House School in the Key Stage 3 inclusive indoor handball tournament organised by Sports Nottingham yesterday.

Ethan S, Jake, Riley, Mylo, Theo and Ethan headed to the Harvey Haddon Leisure Centre in Nottingham for the playoffs. They played six competitive games against other schools from across Nottinghamshire.

Handball is a non-contact fast paced game where the team who score the most goals wins the game. Players are allowed three steps with the ball before passing or shooting, like basketball. They're not allowed to score in the goalkeeper’s area or in their own half. The goals are of a considerable size therefore the goalkeepers have a difficult task in saving the ball.

The team did really well with the scores as follows:

  • Sutherland House School 6 - Oakfield 1
  • Sutherland House School 10 - Brunts 5
  • Sutherland House School 3 - Sutton 2
  • Sutherland House School 5 - Joseph Whitaker 1
  • Sutherland House School 1 - Foxwood 5
  • Sutherland House School 5 - Dawn House 10

The students involved have been playing handball in PE for several weeks now and have developed a good understanding of the rules, scoring and teamwork. However, this is the first time that this group of students played a handball at a sporting event together so a massive well done at the efforts displayed and such a positive morning. Thanks to Max and Coden for supporting and encouraging our students to shake hands at the end of the game and remain sportsperson like throughout.

  • The next Active Living Tournament is Key Stage 4 Handball and will take place on 5th March.

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