Footballers do Sutherland House proud

Key Stage 4 football b
Key Stage 4 football a
Key Stage 4 football c

Keen footballers at Sutherland House School were invited to take part in a Key Stage 4/5 football event organised by Carlton and Digby School yesterday (Tuesday) in Gedling.

Before the game the students participated in two warm up activities including a tag game involving bibs and a dribbling and shooting game.

Students representing Sutherland House were Ethan Barnes, Harvey Gunn, Ethan Barnett, Thomas Morley, Dawid Mazurek, and Cody Alfred. Each half consisted of twenty minutes with a ten-minute half-time break.

They did the school proud as the final score was Sutherland House School 8 - Carlton and Digby 2.

This was the first time most of the students had played a competitive football event and they all enjoyed it.

Teacher Richard Gennard said: "The students represented the school in a very positive manner and played the game fairly and to the rules. They were very caring to the needs of the other team and displayed some incredible sportsmanship and positive values. The familiar staff that supported the students are very proud of their efforts."

* The next sporting tournament is a Key Stage 4 Handball and Key Stage 3 Boccia in March.

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